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Do you plan on being in business 5-years from now? What about in a decade? If you respond "Yes" to either of those, it's time to you put effort into where the world is going.


Who is Mike Speer?.

His entrepreneurial journey goes way back to elementary school. From selling soda out of his backpack to making a six-figure sale of his first business before his 19th birthday.

Mike’s always known how to recognize potential where others see adversity and is on a mission to connect with others to help identify the areas in which to create your own trail and go against conventional wisdom. 

Mike Speer is the CMO of a Digital Marketing Agency named, Michaels Wilder (no this is not named after him) – and a founding partner in a popular software, Genius Messenger. 

Curtis Shaw

Director of Accounts

I've worked with Mike for almost a year and I'm constantly amazed and the marketing ideas he comes up with. He is always thinking two steps ahead. He's always trying to reverse engineer a solution and never gives up. His passion and energy for digital and content marketing is contagious.

Tyler Stavola

SEO Expert

Mike has a great mind for strategy. He knows how to position a brand/product within a given market for maximum results. He knows what channels work, and what channels don't work and saves everyone the time of finding out the hard way. When considering marketing strategy and implementation. Mike has always delivered great results whenever we get the chance to collaborate.

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Leading with knowledge

Social Media

It’s not just Facebook or Instagram anymore. Think of your last Amazon purchase. Did you browse reviews? Did you need to log into an account when you checked out? Perhaps you needed to contact their support team. Guess what? That’s all social media. In fact, everything online is social, and today’s businesses—from large corporations to neighborhood mom and pop shops—need to recognize how to engage with the socially connected world. Learn how we, as marketing professionals, can bridge the gap for our clients between old and new ways of viewing the digital world and the role that social media plays in everything.