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Tag, You’re It! Explaining Instagram’s New Nametag Feature

You didn’t hear about it? Well now it’s time to find out how to use Instagram Nametag.

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What’s the first thing you do after you meet someone new who you want to get to know?

Look them up on social media, of course!

But finding a friend’s online handle can be tricky, especially when usernames, which often must be unique to the user, become increasing difficult to spell out (let alone pronounce) as more people sign up. That’s why a few networks—including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat—already have features that allow users to generate QR codes that friends quickly scan from their phones to locate the associated account.

Finally, Instagram has become the latest social network to make use of this technology and allow users to quickly locate their friends’ online profile IRL. They call this feature “Nametag.”

Where do you find Nametag?

To access your Nametag, simply click on your profile, and go to the menu on the right. Selecting Nametag will bring up your personalized code.

From this screen you can personalize your Nametag with emojis, a selfie, or the classic IG color scheme. You can also scan a friend’s code by tapping “scan a nametag” at the bottom of the screen.

So, next time you’re trying to figure out how to spell “Rrrrachael_Rulz77,” just ask her to show you her Nametag instead.

So…. Hiiiiiii.. Try it out. You can even do it right now by going to your Nametag feature and pointing it at the screen. I’ll see you on Instagram!Instagram Nametag

Instagram Nametag

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