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Gloria Asks: Do you mind taking a look at my first blog post and giving me some direction?

It’s been years since I’ve tried writing and I’m taking a stab at a blog. I have so much inside I feel I need to say. Do you mind taking a look at my first post and giving me some direction?


Hi Gloria,

I want to start by saying that your lived experiences are a very engaging topic for a blog, and I think you’ll be able to find a audience that can certainly relate to the stories you will tell.

My main advice would be to space out your stories a little more. For example, you could break up this one post, “Childhood Drama” into two separate posts: one about being bullied, transferring to another school, and finding your creative outlet and the other post about the violence you experienced at your first “real job.”

By pulling these two stories apart, you can examine both of them more in-depth. You want to leave your reader with the sense that your post tells a complete story. Some questions to consider: What were the consequences of being bullied in your life after school? How did your singing in school help you to overcome the negative influences of those experiences? And how did growing up with the threat of violence in your life influence your future work experiences?

Then, you can make your post titles more specific. Let’s say you choose to make the story about your experience being held at gunpoint at KFC into its own post. You could then create a title like, “What Fearing for My Life Taught Me about Living.” It’s attention-grabbing, and it tells the reader exactly what to expect.

I hope that helped, and I want to encourage you to keep writing. Your stories are interesting, and I think there is a lot of potential for you to develop a blog with a unique and powerful voice.

Thanks for reading.

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