Q&A: How Can I Be a Big Fish in a Big Pond?

Did you know that a fish’s growth can actually be stunted by being kept in a too-small environment?

In fact, experts say that if you’re keeping a pet fish, the length of its tank should be at least 7x as large as the length of the fish.

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People aren’t so different.

If you stay in the “small pond” (whether that’s a job that you’ve long ago stopped learning from or a hobby that you’ve been too scared to take to the next level), you’ll never reach your potential. Think of the hotshot kid from high school who never left his home town— the one who, if you speak to him at your 10-year reunion, you’ll realize hasn’t really changed or “grew up” since graduation.

That’s why you should seek out people and pursuits that challenge you.

Maybe you’re an awesome writer, but you suck at math. You can take some online courses to improve those left-brain skills.

Or maybe you’re a rockstar on the basketball court, but you’re uncomfortable in social situations. Now’s the time to put yourself out there.

Unlike a fish in a pond, we as humans have the ability to choose our environment. We can choose to challenge ourselves and expand our potential. So, don’t get comfortable as the big fish in a small pond.

Sure, you might feel small at first when you graduate to a larger pond, but that discomfort is the push you need to grow.